Deal With A Reputable Roof And Wall Coating Company in Scotland

Are you looking for a well-established roof and wall coating company in Scotland?

Get in touch with our specialist team at Kingdom Roof Coatings for an exceptional personalised coating service. With skilled processes, an efficient team and competitive prices, we offer all the benefits of a national company with all the advantages of dealing with a local company.

We are the right choice if you want the to take advantage of the professionalism of a national company but would like the friendly, quick and efficient benefits of a local coating company. We offer our efficient service throughout Scotland including locations such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirlingshire.

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Preparing for the coating

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When our installation team arrives at your property, we ensure we prepare properly to perform the job. We will put down covers to protect your plants, pathways and any garden furniture. We will then locate your downpipes and block them whilst we are doing the job to prevent your drains from becoming clogged.

STEP 1: Pressure Cleaning Your Roof

Your existing tiles and ridges will be thoroughly cleaned using our high pressure professional cleaning equipment to remove all moss, lichen, algae and any dirt that is covering the roof surface. We also clean the guttering and fascias to eliminate all traces of unwanted film and other build up. This is then bagged and removed from your property, leaving our team with a clean slate to begin spraying the coating.

STEP 2: Skilled Roof Maintenance and Restoration

Kingdom Roof Coatings will then carry out our full restoration service on your roof to make sure no corners are cut. All loose and cracked mortar between ridges and hip tiles are dug out and treated by re-pointing with re-enforced mortar. Any broken, cracked or damaged tiles on your roof are also replaced, making sure the roof is now fully prepared and ready for the next step.

STEP 3: Applying a Fungicidal Treatment

A biodegradable water based solution is then applied to every roof tile – this treatment will prevent moss, lichen and algae from re-growing on your roof. It’s also left to soak into your porous tile ensuring that any moss, lichen and algae spores are prevented from re-growing by killing them off at spore level.

STEP 4: Specialist Roof Coating Application

Your choice of colour of our unique specialist roof coating is then applied in full accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Our coating company uses specialist airless spraying equipment on all jobs throughout Scotland and to make sure every tile is covered and no area is left untouched.

Once the roof coating is complete, you will be able to see the dramatic change to the appearance of your home. This new protection will not only add value to your home but it will increase the life span of your roof tiles. Our coating company offers a full 10 year guarantee on all of our roof coating.

STEP 5: The Clean Up

Once your roof coating has been completed, Kingdom Roof Coatings will then undergo a complete and thorough clean-up to ensure that we leave your home and garden clean and tidy. Leaving your property just the way we found it. This is just one of the ways our coating company stands apart from others in our attention to detail and our customer care.