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Here at Kingdom Coatings, our premium roos system is designed to protect domestic roofs across the UK. By applying a RENOTEC coating, this protects the roof from all weather elements which could otherwise cause ongoing maintenance problems. Looking after your roof should be a top priority, so by adding an extra layer of protection this will save you money on repairs and ensure your roof is durable all year round. Our expert team are on hand to improve the quality of your home today, with affordable coatings that are a cheaper option than retiling your whole roof. Get on board with our effective waterproof coating in Scotland, and find out how it can make a difference to your home.

High Performance Roof Repair Coating in Scotland

Formulated to protect domestic tiled roofs from the adverse effects of long-term exposure to throughout the year, from sun and wind to frost and rain, our waterproof roof coating in Scotland will continue to provide protection for more than 10 years after application, making it one of the best performing roof coating systems on the market, not just in Scotland but anywhere in the world today. If you would like to make sure that the money you invest in your roof is well spent, call and speak to us about RENOTEC roof coating today. Compared to the cost of other coatings, or of retiling your entire roof, RENOTEC represents superb value for money.

Protection for All Types of Roofing

The majority of our customers are looking for a waterproof roof coating in Scotland that will protect tiled roofs from the elements, for which RENOTEC is perfect. However, if you are looking for an asphalt or metal roof coating in Scotland that will provide the same level of protection, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team has a great deal of experience coating roofs of all types and we will be more than happy to provide you with a competitive quotation on request. From waterproofing tiled roofs to professional asphalt roof coating repair in Scotland, Kingdom Coatings is the company to call, no matter where you happen to be.

The Benefits of Waterproof Roof Coating in Scotland

Your roof has to put up stiff resistance to the elements, but it can degrade with time and usage. It’s crucial to ensure water can’t penetrate your property through the roof for an abundance of reasons, from preventing the growth of mould and mildew to maintaining your home’s structural integrity. Unfortunately, replacing an entire roof can be rather costly, as can partly retiling it. Fortunately, our RENOTEC roof repair coating in Scotland is an affordable alternative that guarantees lasting results. Our innovative metal roof coating could extend the lifespan of your roof by years while ensuring rainwater stays where it belongs – outside. Get in touch to learn more about our highly effective roof coating systems in Scotland.

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At Kingdom Roof and Wall Coatings we provide you with a unique micro porous, water based membrane coating. Our coating is similar to your body’s skin – it is wind and water tight but allows the opportunity to breathe through pores, meaning there is a circulation of air which prevents condensation from forming under your roof. Our quality coating also helps ensure heat is retained in the winter but keeps your roof cool in summer, making it energy efficient for the unique Scottish climate.

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All of our work comes with a 10 year guarantee and we have an excellent selection of coating colours for you to choose from. With our competitive prices and experienced teams throughout Scotland, you’re sure to receive full value for your money when you come to us.

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Our roof coatings are a very cost-effective alternative to re-roofing, giving your roof a smart and stylish appearance without time consuming and costly renovations. In addition to our practical roof coatings, you can trust Kingdom Roof and Wall Coatings for wall coatings throughout Scotland. For more details on our services, you can view our portfolio of work or speak with our staff at your local base today.

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