Incredible Properla wall coating in Scotland

Kingdom Roof and Wall Coatings employs a unique wall treatment technology using Properla Masonry Crème to enhance the performance of your home’s exterior walls in Scotland. The Properla wall coating creates self-cleaning and super hydrophobic exterior walls, without affecting their breathability. Our excellent customer service, available throughout locations such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee, ensures you will never be disappointed with Kingdom Roof and Wall Coatings.

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Advanced technology for your home in Dundee

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All our coatings incorporate silane resin technology which over 25 years of use, has proven to be one of the fastest growing exterior wall coating systems throughout Europe. This latest technology, combined with our expertise at Kingdom Roof and Wall Coatings, gives you peace of mind that you will receive exceptional results.

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Retain your stunning wall colours

Our Properla wall coating will protect your walls against the destructive impact of prolonged direct sunlight, wind and other conditions like acid rains, salt spray, smog and more. When you choose Properla Masonry Crème, you can be confident that your walls will be weather protected and colour stabilised for several years.

Water repellent wall coatings for your home

With Properla wall coating, your walls will become resistant to biological hazards, mildew and other pollutants. A dry exterior wall also improves thermal resistance, prevents frost damage and reduces growth of microbial spores. It also allows walls to breathe and be permeable to water vapour, further improving thermal conductivity and insulation properties. Just 5% of dampness in cavity wall insulation or other building materials can lower the wall’s thermal resistance by up to 50%, so it is vital to keep walls dry with Properla Masonry Crème.

The wall coating also means that dirt particles cannot obtain a hold on the coated roof tile and will flow with rainfall, keeping your home clean and attractive for years to come.

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Why choose Kingdom Roof and Wall Coatings?

Our expert services, dedication to bringing you the latest technology and efficient installation means Kingdom Roof and Wall Coatings should be your first choice of provider for wall coatings within Dundee and the rest of Scotland. Our Properla wall coating stops rain penetration, improves thermal efficiency and can be used directly on most masonry substrates; talk to our team about your installation today.